Does Wendy's bestow drug test for employment?

I forgot to check before I submitted my application.

Answers:    No. Wendy's does not grant drug tests for employment !
Judging by MOST of the ancestors I've seen and deal with that work at Wendy's, I would speak NO they DO NOT drug test. LOL. its a possibility they might,
If you didn't do drugs, you wouldn't hold to worry give or take a few it. Wouldn't that be a nice change?
. They never tested me when I worked in attendance.
Dont worry if you lose it may relay you something > my 40 year old started beside pot at age 11 now his vivacity is gone they should
What does it matter? Drugs are evil. Therefore, you shouldn't be taking them. when i worked 4 years ago there they didn't. i loathed the job by the opening
I love testing drugs !

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