How do I become a cosmetics buyer?

I am a licensed Esthetician with 10 years of retail direction experience. What do I need to become a cosmetics buyer? Do I requirement a 4 year degree, and if so, contained by what? Business? Merchandising? Help, I'm clueless.


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Answers:   You need a 4 year amount and a masters degree within business would really help while you climb the stepladder to get up to a buying position faster. Fashion Merchandising is best. You usually hold to start at the bottom. There are different ways of doing this. Counter manager consequently cosmetics department manager consequently merchandise assistant to assistant buyer. It is really, really competitive. You should pursue your career contained by a major city or contained by the city where a department store's merchandising department is at. You need to be really mathematically inclined because you'll be handling different budgets. It seem glamorous but alot of buyers get the ax because they didn't realize adjectives the work involved. Check out and click on PROSPECTIVE STUDENTS, ACADEMIC MAJORS, COSMETICS & FRAGRANCE MARKETING or FASHION MERCHANDISING MANAGEMENT.

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