Credit card retained!?

Today I went to the atm and I be going to check my balance, and for some apology I forgot my pin number and I kept on entering the wrong one, so after a few tries I got the pin right and it said I get my credit card retained? What is it? How do i get it fund? Would they mail it? (This is plainly my first card)

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Answers:   Contact the card issuer...They will have to issue you a up to date one.

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As others your bank and agree to them know this happened.

If you can, turn to the branch that the ATM is located at, that retained your card.and explain the situation to them. They may be able to return the card to you, unless it's a different edge than your card issuer (for instance...if you were using a Wachovia card at a Sun Trust edge ATM).

Make some calls.

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The sandbank will keep the card after a undisputed number of tries. That way if you be a thief "guessing" pins, you couldn't verbs once you found the right pin. Call the bank, explain and they will any mail it to you or convey you a new one. its a payment feature. if the card be stolen and all the theif have to go on be what he seen u push within on the atm or the pad at the store he would do alike thing. i'd phone and verify that the card wasnt stolen.

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You will be mailed about what you need to do. If its a debit card you can bid your bank...any way they will convey you another one but you will probably have a untried pin issued Contact customer service (check your monthly statements).

The one time I had a card retained, I have to go stern to the bank during business hours, prove my identity, etc.

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