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What would be the organizational accounting chronicle entries for the following facts?

Foley company uses a job-order costing system. the following data relate to the month of october, the first month of the company's fiscal year:

a. Raw materials purchased on vindication, $210,000
b. Ray materials issued to production, $190,000(80% direct and 20% indirect)
c. Direct labor cost incurred, $49,000; and indirect labor cost incurred, $21,000
d. Depreciation recorded on factory equipment, $105,000
e. Other industrial overhead costs incurred during October, $130,000 (credit A/P)
f. The company applies manufacturing overhead cost to production on the spring of $4 per machine-hour. there be 75,000 machine-hours recorded for october
g. Production instructions costing $510,000 according to their job cost sheets be completed during October and transferred to Finished Goods.
h. Production orders that have cost $450,000 to complete according to their job cost sheets be shipped to customers during the month. these goods be sold on account at 50% above cost.

Answers: Here is some information on executive accounting. Specifically Journal Entries for Job Order Costing and Process Costing.


How do I know if those sneaker stores that are runned by hindus/pakistan are selling real shoes and not counterfeit?

Answers: most of trainers/ shoes which u buy are made by hindus/pakistan factorys,

Copper worth more than gold ingots?

Is copper worth more than gold? If it is who would i go copper too?

Answers: Gold is worth a lot more than copper. Confusion might come from seeing gold ingots quote in dollars per ounce ($880 or so) and copper quoted within dollars per metric ton ($7000 or so).

Copper is more valuable than it used to be though. A local piece metal dealer might want to buy it, I've never tried that myself.
No- as of yesterday's close Gold is 881.60 per ounce. Copper is $3.23 per pound or $.20 per ounce. I come up with it's still safe to say aloud that for the forseeable future- gold is still worth more than copper.

As for where on earth to sell Copper- look contained by the yellow page for scrap metal dealer. You'll likely find their prices for buying copper is significantly smaller amount than the actual market values I've tabled above.
So I might have be wrong. But it's still worth a butt load. That's why the retarded dude tried stealing adjectives the copper wire form work when I first started. Right after you quit.

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