How long do ad stay on Craigslist?

I was wondering how long do postings stay up? Do they delete once their sold? Is it different near the types of items? I'm looking for bikes on craigslist.

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Answers:   It depends on the posting type and the city. 7 to 45 days.

Sometimes you'll get an flier on a search engine. You can click on "cached" and you san sometime retrieve elder ads on Google.

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How long ad stay up depends on which Craigslist city it was posted to and also if someone flags the want ad. Ads are not removed if an item is sold etc. They either expire, are flagged and removed or the poster manually removes their public notice.

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45 days and then they automatically delete. No, they do not disappear when they put up for sale...the seller would enjoy to go within and delete the posting. Job ads may be the with the sole purpose ones that differ from this time period. All the rest are 45 days. Use a site approaching to navigate craigslist ads are also viewable longer;

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