Help! I accidentally made 2 payments on my college loan this month and I obligation one put money on!?

I'm a teacher and merely as everyone else, a victim of illustrious gas and food prices . so I'm living paycheck to paycheck - barely. Anyway, I don't want you to consistency sorry for me - just impart me advice. I hold a student loan payment of $250 due at the 1st of every month. Well, I rewarded it two days before, on June 30, to engineer sure it posted by the 1st. Well, on the 3rd (5 days later), I checked both my bank acount and student loan acount and neither showed payoff, so I assumed I didn't finish the process and repay it. So on June 3, I paid $250 more. Today, June 5, it posts two separate payments and I obligation one of them back, I obligation that money! I called the sandbank, they are going to file a dispute. I am supposed to riddle out a form and return it befre I get the money. My grill is, is there a karma I won't get it vertebrae? I'm stressing about money as it is and this is newly making it worse! Any advice on what to do?

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Answers:   When I double rewarded my student loan...the loan company would credit the next month near that payment. So when the subsequent months statement came, it would utter 0 due.

Have you asked your student loan company how they will handle the double return?

When I did it-- I did it on purpose to try and acquire ahead and pay my loan bad early (every little bit helps). But if the student loan company will credit it towards the subsequent month - where you are tight this month - you will be ahead subsequent and things come out in the rinse out.

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It will take more than a month to resolve that gift, and you have another reimbursement due in July. Why will it run so long? Because the banks and lenders enjoy no incentive to refund your pay. (Be sure to ask how many $$ they will extract within fees!)

Why not call it even, and kind your next clearing in August? Be sure to permit the lender know that July payment be made in June.

For someone squeezing every penny, this be a truly careless mistake! Don't do that again.

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