How to Cancel Self- Employment surrounded by the UK?

I registered as Self Employed in the UK and also remunerated the normal fees asked by the HMRC around lb17. I applied on October 2007 and till now, i enjoy paid solely once as i got one bill from them. I am not doing any business or anything till presently!

But I got another undertaking and I did not start any business.

Now, I want to cancel it . Is it graceful to cancel it?? How do i do that?? Where's the phone number or contact information to do that?? Whom should i contact?? Will at hand be any negative effects if i quash myself from self employement? Do i need to foot any fine?

Please help. Thank you for your time

Answers:    You want to contact the Inland Revenue (phone number on whatever documents they hold already sent you) You need to donate them the date you stopped working and fill contained by a tax return for the appropriate time (they will transport you one) if you have any excise left to pay packet they will let you know.
erm...why did you hold to pay a tax of lb17?my hubby is self employed and has be for some time and he has never have to pay a allowance!
i would seriously question that.

anyway you dont hold to tell them.loaf for your next return afterwards fill the boxes for trading cease.
its easy.
If you hold your 10 digit unique excise reference, you can contact any due office and explain situation. It is in a minute too late to stop the issue of a Tax Return on 6th April, cases are elected at the end of Jan, or surrounded by Feb. You will need to complete it and distribute it back. Otherwise you will get hold of a penalty. There entail be no entry on the self-employment page except for the date of commencing and ceasing self-employment, which will both be the date contained by October you registered. You will need an employment page for respectively employment you had between 6th April 2007 and 5th April 2008. Make sure you tick the repayment claim box, otherwise any possble discount will stay in your portrayal.
You must ensure HMRC has a cessation date on register for your self-employment to stop future returns person issued. Just put your name address national insurance number on to a memo telling them that you decision to cancel self employment and they will do this straight the mode. HMRC is who you need to address memorandum to and the address of your local tax bureau. You will then receive memo telling you that you no longer stipulation to fill out a toll return It is as easy as that.

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