Any updates? IRS Refund Reference Code 1221, 1121, 1201?

Has anyone received any additional information from the the IRS, concerning your repayment? I called today, Ms. EuBanks from the IRS told me a communication is posted marked to dance out on 04/12 -- Has anyone received there return due to this non sense? I am not being audit she said, and in that is no flag, just have need of to further more look at it...

So what was your code...and when did you recieve you repayment? Basically tell me your story lol.5 + points!

Answers:    resourcefully I basically started at code 1221 go to code 1121 was sent a communication at the beginning of March and I call yesterday and talked to 4 different representatives and adjectives of them told me that they finished reviewing my files and would be getting a refund this Friday. I of late went on the irs site to see if they updated me and I very soon have suggestion code 1201. I will update this Friday when I get my return XXXIng fingers
While you may not be in a audit, you may be asked for more information. Just respond to the communication when you get it. I have error code 1201.
I found this website through Google:

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