Where do I find my taxable interest on my W-2?

I'm trying to do my taxes by myself and it says to put within my taxable interest on line 2, but I don't know what my taxable interest is. Is it contained by box 2 of my W-2?

Answers:    It's not on your W-2.

It would be on a 1099-INT sent to you from your bank.
There isn't a taxable interest on the W-2. Taxable interest is on the 1099 INT single. First 2 answers are correct. If you have any style of interest bearing justification (bank savings, CDs, brokerage account), you should enjoy received a 1099 with the taxable interest planned on it. You can likely find this on your wall statement from the end of the year, and if you hold on-line access to those accounts, you should also be able to see interest salaried for 2007.
Just finished my taxes earlier today; best of luck!
Interest isn't on your W-2. If you get interest, it was from something close to a savings portrayal or cashing savings bonds - it would be on a form 1099-int.

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