Can I Sue My Employer For Not Giving Me My W-2 Before Tax Season Is Over?

My employer never gave me my W-2 form. Therefore I cant do my 2007 taxes. It is April 3rd 2008, and I still enjoy not received any kind of thought, or forms. I spoke with him several times after January 30th and he stated that he be meeting beside his accountant. But after contacting him several times afterward he has on the other hand to supply me with the forms. My relations was counting on this money for our clean baby and our unmarked apartment and now we are surrounded by a jam. What steps can be taken? Can I sue him for not giving me my W-2 up to that time tax season is over .. If he indeed does not distribute them to me by then?

Answers:    name 1-8OO-829-1040 and report him to the IRS not getting the W-2 out by the 31st of jan they will contact him and find him for not supply the form by the date they will give you the info so you can database your taxes on time hope this help
You can report him to the IRS...that will put a fire under his butt! Maybe he is have a hard time getting everything together. I know in that is a deadline, but it is a lot of work getting financials together at the extension of the year.
Report him to the IRS and in the meantime, you can look at the end pay stub from 2007 and that should make a contribution you all the information you requirement to put your taxes together and see how much you'll get support.
File a complaint with both your state division of taxes and nouns and the IRS. But for the rest of the year, save your money so you don't meander up in a bind again within April 2009. NEVER bet your future on such things: you win screwed, there's not a lot you can do to avoid deferred penalties. And you may find that suing the big ape is more expensive than the amount of reimbursement you'd get. Lawyers ain't cheap, disappointingly. Yes, you can file your return in need having received you Form W2. The IRS trellis site has a form "Substitute for W2" that you can complete and post in beside your return. The form asks that you get as close to what you earn as you can. Do you have a wages statement that gives the year to date income to hand the end of the year or do you know how much you earn per work or hour? Then you can estimate your income and withholding. Might take a moment or two longer to process but the IRS will process your return or send you a epistle for more information. Do file your so you qualify for the stimulus rebate. I don't deliberate you can sue your employer but the IRS once notified the IRS should look into the issue and may assess him a penalty for not issuing the form W2 timely.

If you entail the refund to come upon basic living expenses, next visit for the local Taxpayer Advocate Service organization in your nouns. They can get the return expedited for you contained by most cases once you verify the hardship.
Yes, you should. Also you obligation to contact the IRS to let them know. Legally, Employers must hold the W-2's in the letters and postmarked no later than January 31st. Contact your local Labor Standards Board and you can bet they'll stir after your employer for alot more than that and they work for you at no charge. He was supposed to enjoy your W2 back to you earlier the last light of day of january.

They have pamplets to let somebody know you what you can go after him for.
No, but you can contact the IRS and they'll any help you acquire it, or help you wallet your return with a "substitute W2". You could enjoy and should have done that a month or more ago.

What would suing your employer do? And there's no mode you'd win, since you have other option open to you, and haven't taken them.

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